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Z-Box System

High durability in outdoor installation and maximum opacity thanks to its side guides zipper system.

The result of our innovation, Z-Box is the most suitable shade for outdoor installation, capable of withstanding any weather condition. The zippered side guide system securely holds the fabric and, the internal straps soften the forces on it. It also incorporates a voluminous terminal that provides optimal fabric drop.


Z-Box is certified with the highest wind resistance score by a test carried out with an external and independent laboratory. It exceeded wind speeds of up to three times (265 km/h) Class 6 of the EN13561 standard in a shade of 200 x 200 cm.


To offer maximum concealment, you can combine a Z-Box with a Blackout fabric. With this configuration, it becomes an elegant alternative to the classic rolling shutters. In addition, it guarantees excellent visual and thermal comfort.


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The ideal solar management system designed to achieve maximize privacy when combined with blackout fabric.


Interview with Germán Álvarez, Cuarto Interior creative director.

Talking about light

"Controlling light is one of the major challenges of architecture in order to create more comfortable, healthier and cooler spaces", Gerardo Van Waalwijk.