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Decorative effect and greater visual comfort for interior spaces.


The Square fabric has a very marked weft that creates squares, giving a more decorative, woven look to a technical curtain.

This special feature is highly appreciated by those who wish to complement their decoration with sophisticated textures in workplaces and professional environments.

It is a translucent fabric made of 100% Trevira, which provides visual comfort, preventing glare and reflections. For this reason, it is an optimal solution for offices and interior spaces exposed to sunlight.

Thanks to its metallic layer, UV rays do not pass through the curtain, maintaining the desired interior temperature and providing energy savings in air conditioning and heating.

It is an eco-friendly fabric and does not contain hazardous substances. 


  • IgnífugoIgnífugo
  • Oeko-texOeko-tex


  • Do not submergeDo not submerge
  • SpongeSponge
  • Do not rubDo not rub

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