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Polyscreen® 650

Consistent fabric with optimal thermal and visual performance.


The Polyscreen® 650 stands out because of its serge design that creates very light decorative diagonals in the fabric. A 3% openness factor allows for light to pass through and for visual contact. 

Although it can be used indoors and outdoors, it is ideal for large area awnings and curtains. It has a firm, resistant and fold-free appearance. 

The great resistance and durability of the Polyscreen® 650 makes it easy to maintain, as it can be conveniently washed with a damp cloth or vacuumed to keep it in perfect condition. 

It provides energy savings for heating and air conditioning. Plus, it is highly resistant to extreme weather conditions (IMO) and chlorine.


  • IgnífugoIgnífugo
  • AntibacterialAntibacterial
  • RecyclableRecyclable
  • Saline environmentSaline environment
  • GreenguardGreenguard


  • ImmerseImmerse
  • Do not rubDo not rub
  • AspireAspire
  • SpongeSponge
  • Not bleachNot bleach
  • Do not use dryerDo not use dryer
  • Do not ironDo not iron

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