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Polyscreen® 351

Thermal efficiency and privacy.


Polyscreen® 351 is a classic Bandalux range fabric, with a low openness factor of 1%, making it one of our densest fabrics. The inner and the outer surface of the tissue are identical. 

The new collection features warm colors with trendy sand and gray tones, such as Cinder, Pebble and Slate. The new range, which ranges from cool to warmer colors, is ideal for creating a private ambiance. 

This fabric is suitable for customized digital printing solutions and also for large windows. 

The fabric provides energy savings for heating and air conditioning. In addition, it is highly resistant to extreme weather conditions (IMO), chlorine and easy to clean.  


  • IgnífugoIgnífugo
  • AntibacterialAntibacterial
  • Saline environmentSaline environment
  • RecyclableRecyclable
  • GreenguardGreenguard


  • ImmerseImmerse
  • SpongeSponge
  • AspireAspire
  • Do not rubDo not rub
  • Not bleachNot bleach
  • Do not ironDo not iron
  • Do not use dryerDo not use dryer

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