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Mattiz Ignis

Wide range of colors to create atmospheres


In Mattiz Ignis, there is the most extensive collection of colors within our fireproof fabrics. This special feature enables you to create ambiences with a more discreet or relaxed touch, depending on your color choice.

Warm base colors such as Linen, cool base colors such as Snow, and strong base colors such as Ferrari Red, Grass Green, Cyclamen Pink, and Lemon Yellow are the most popular. Among the pastel shades, the mint green and the light blue are very trendy this season.

This fabric's texture brings to mind waterproof textiles, so it becomes a decorative technical fabric option in all kinds of rooms in the home, as well as in professional spaces.

This fabric prevents the spread of fire, is eco-friendly fabric and does not contain hazardous substances.


  • IgnífugoIgnífugo
  • RecyclableRecyclable
  • Oeko-texOeko-tex


  • Do not submergeDo not submerge
  • AspireAspire
  • No spongeNo sponge

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