Through our solutions, we can tailor your space to your needs.
Our products let you transform light and shadows to create the atmosphere you are looking for in your home, that ideal ambiance filled with your hopes, dreams, and experiences.

About us

About us

Bandalux was founded in 1986 with the launch of the vertical roller blind. Over the past 30 years, we have constantly evolved to become leaders in the design, manufacture and distribution of custom curtains and blinds. We are committed to offering products that bring together quality, service and technological innovation with elegance and beauty.

At home, at work, at your university, in a hotel, restaurant or hospital, Bandalux systems offer comfort and improve our quality of life. In addition to the residential market, we also offer our solar management solutions to meet the needs of any architectural or interior design project through our Contract business line.

We manufacture our own products with care and attention in our four production centers: two in Spain, one in Italy and another in the United States.



Innovation and craftsmanship, quality and functionality, style and cutting-edge design. These are some of the traits that define us as a brand. Our goal is to create high quality products, which are effective, robust, durable and efficient, but also have an attractive design that reflects current trends.

In short, the ideal solution to provide comfort and well-being to people and help them create the desired ambiance at any time, no matter what time of day. Bandalux helps people enjoy bright, healthy and efficient spaces in which to live, work, grow and dream. 



At Bandalux, we are clearly committed to excellence in customer care. We have our own R&D team that works every day to create solutions to turn our curtains into a top performance product, with enhanced aesthetics and a commitment to avant-garde architecture.



As a company, we know that we have a responsibility to society and the environment. We strive to improve the positive impact of our products and minimize our operational footprint. Our solutions enhance the energy efficiency of buildings and homes and help generate energy savings and reduce emissions due to their thermal properties.



We pay close attention to the latest fashion trends to offer you a wide array of fabrics (traditional, ecological, technical), so that you can find the one that best suits your style. This extensive collection combined with an ample family of solar management systems will help you achieve the ambiance you want for your home.



Our products have numerous certifications that guarantee their quality, safety and compliance with current regulations. In addition, many of them offer fireproof, antibacterial, thermal and hearing protection properties that take care of you and your loved ones.

Company certifications

  • Made in EU & USA

    Made in EU & USA

    We design and manufacture our products in Europe and the United States, complying with all regulations.

  • Energy efficiency

    Energy efficiency

    We optimize energy management systems to enhance quality and sustainability.

    In this way, we ensure the systematic control and monitoring of our company's energy issues, which in turn shows our commitment to continuous energy efficiency improvements.

  • Environmental


    As part of our commitment to the environment, we have implemented our own Environmental Management System (EMS). With it, we comply with international regulations and this is our guarantee when it comes to environmental respect, our commitment to society and the assurance of efficient, sustainable operational management.

Systems certifications

  • Guarantee


    We guarantee the quality, safety and reliability of Bandalux blinds and shades, manufactured in Europe and the USA. Solar protection systems guaranteed by the strictest international standards on architectural projects

Fabrics certifications

  • Guarantee


    All our fabrics are guaranteed for 5 years. So, rest assured that, during that time, they are guaranteed to be in perfect condition, whatever the products you purchased.

  • Environmental


    We have a wide range of sustainable fabrics made from natural materials, plastic collected from the ocean floor or recycled, selectively collected plastic that help build a better world. We do not use lead, heavy metals or polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

  • Health


    We innovate with phthalate-free materials—chemical plasticizers used in fabrics to increase their flexibility. We never use formaldehyde, lead or harmful heavy metals. Plus, our fabrics prevent bacterial and mite infestation, inhibit fungal and mold growth, and prevent odors.

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